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Hello, darlings. I wanted to thank you for your interest in being either a beta or ARC reader.

Ok, Lets discuss the options.

Beta readers are the ones that read an ALMOST ready book. Basically, you get to be the one to go in and read it and help make sure that everything makes sense. That characters don’t just disappear, that character and plot arc and completed. That there are no major plot holes I missed. Basically, you get to assist me in getting the story ready. (I also send my beta readers a digital ARC copy as a thank you for helping me make it into a better book. If you’d like to leave a review, that’s lovely, but really, it’s mainly a way to say “thank you” for helping me make it a better book.

ARC Readers want a completed book. ARC stands for “Advance Reader Copy”. It means you get a copy of the book before it’s released to the public to get a chance to read it so you can leave a review for me in the first few days of it being launched!

Ok, on to the next part, let’s talk about the two series that I’m working on. First off, my work isn’t based on real history like most “historical fiction”. It’s almost more an alternate history where we’re safe to let women rebel and win!

The first is my 19th Century Philadelphian Sapphic Love. I pick the 19th century as it’s when so many changes were happening in the newly founded country; the industrial revolution, the civil war, suffragettes, Victorian, emancipation… it was such a period of change as the United States attempted to find it’s feet as it’s own place. And of course, I put women at the spotlight as women seem to be a secondary foot note.

The second is Daughters Under the Black Flag books. This is less of a “series” and more of a name for the alternate history, as there will be both stand-alone and series within it. It’s taking back the “Golden Age of Piracy” and letting women have their place. There were some women pirates, but they were few and far between. Between the “traditional roles” of women, and the superstitions about women aboard women mostly missed out on it. Granted, the real pirate history is not as glamourous or fantasy like that we tend to think of, it was a way for people who didn’t fit into normal society to exist… it was also one of the first examples of European decent democracy. Well, I’m taking it and it’s adventure, romance and violence and letting women get to have their own place as pirates.

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Eden Hopewell

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