About Author Eden Hopewell

Welcome to my world, where history and sapphic narratives intertwine to create a tapestry of defiant and inspiring stories. I am Eden, a passionate author dedicated to reimagining history with a sapphic twist.

My fascination with history has been a lifelong affair, yet I’ve always been acutely aware of its limitations, especially in representing people like me. Inspired by the likes of Anne Lister from “Gentleman Jack,” I embarked on a mission to rewrite history, giving sapphic women the prominence and voice they deserve. My goal is to offer escapism that celebrates the aesthetics of historical eras, unshackled from their often harsh realities for sapphic women.

Crafting Queer Narratives in Historical Backdrops

While striving for historical accuracy, my stories are more than a mere recount of the past; they are a bold reclamation. They are about sapphic women taking control, defying societal norms, and living authentically against the backdrop of historical settings. Through my work, I aspire to give queer women a chance to see themselves as the heroines of their own stories, commanding the narrative of their lives.

Research is at the heart of my writing. I delve into the past, exploring how people lived, their cultures, and their stories. This, combined with personal experiences from places I’ve lived or visited, especially during my fascinating years sailing through Central America, enriches my storytelling. My pirate books, for instance, draw heavily from these adventures.

Interaction with my readers is a vital part of my journey. Through my newsletter, occasional blogs, and presence on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, I keep the lines of communication open. I cherish these connections, as they are the bedrock of our shared love for sapphic historical narratives.

Beyond Writing: A Glimpse into My World

When I’m not weaving sapphic tales, I’m a photographer and an avid film enthusiast. My background in photography, particularly women’s intimate portraits and boudoir, has shaped my artistic vision. Living on a sailboat with my family has been an adventure in itself, fueling my imagination and influencing my pirate-themed stories.

I invite you to explore my world of defiant sapphic heroines and historical adventures. Whether you’re seeking escape, inspiration, or a connection to our rich queer heritage, you’ll find a home in my stories.

Join me in celebrating the power of sapphic narratives in reshaping history. Let’s embark on this journey together.