Ok. I will be the first to admit that I’m not great with “consistency”. I know… That’s one one thing that pretty much EVERY business person says, that it’s all about the consistancy.

I’m neurospicy… this shit here is NOT mild. LOL… Basically, any time I “have to” do something, my brain goes into fight/flight/freeze survival mode. And it is even more difficult then it sounds. Most of the things that even other neurodivergent people would just think of as “normal” if they think of it at all… is a big problem.

So trying to do anything consistently begins to feel like a “have to” and the next thing I know, I’m not able to do it. This even happens with things that I want to do, if I want it to a point that my brain decided I “need” to do it.

In that light, I’m going to TRY to start blogging. No promises. No promises about if or when I will write posts, no promises on what I will write… however, I’m expecting topics like mental health (specically arount being autistic, adhd, and pda. Might even throw in things about stories I’m working on, whether scenes, ideas, images, videos… who knows.

Welcome to the chaos

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