It looks as though I’m working on the next stage of my authordom, the infamous website.

Eden Hopewell

I figure this is an excellent place to start introducing myself. I’ve always been too romantic for my own good. Not the “flowers and chocolate” types of romance but the “let’s have a life-changing experience” type of romantic ones. I live on a sailboat, I was talked into the adventure of a lifetime. The little stuff, that I’m not so good at. I don’t leave my sailboat often, and when I do (which is twice a month at most at this point) I’m usually eager to get back as soon as I get to shore. Always been a grand gesture gal. Ask me to sail the Carribean, and you’re on. Ask me to go to the grocery store and it’s a hard pass.

Currently, I’m fantasizing about buying the most perfect property I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s close enough to civilization that we can get basic needs met, like food and internet, but remote enough that I could probably sit on the beach for a week without seeing a single person that I don’t live with. I dream about living in a shack on the beach, writing stories of the people that dance in my head. Of lovers and adventures, of heartbreak and forgiveness. And probably some swashbuckling to boot.

Maybe one day

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